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2021 UK Dialysis Patient Experience Survey Results

In March, we surveyed 81 dialysis patients to understand the variation in treatment, the accessibility of self-care and home haemodialysis, and patient experiences during COVID-19.

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We believe in offering greater choice in dialysis care.

Quanta believes there is an opportunity for the NHS to be a leader in the future of kidney care, and this can be achieved through three key changes to the way dialysis is delivered in the UK.

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We surveyed 81 dialysis patients.

43% of respondents dialyse at home.
57% dialyse in-centre.

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60% of respondents who dialyse in-centre were never offered the choice of self-care.

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Only 47% of in-centre haemodialysis patients felt they were able to maintain social distancing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made going to in-centre haemodialysis treatments risky for this vulnerable population. By comparison, 100% of home haemodialysis patients felt they were able to maintain social distancing.


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"I was given no choices as I crashed into dialysis due to being at a life-or-death treatment point. Two years after, I started to push for home haemodialysis but found so many barriers."

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74% of home haemodialysis patients have experienced positive changes to their physical wellbeing after starting to dialyse at home.

Home haemodialysis patients also noted improvements in their mental health and would recommend home haemodialysis to in-centre patients.

*Data on file.
Disclaimer: The SC+ Haemodialysis system is FDA-cleared for use on patients with acute and/or chronic renal failure when administered by a trained person in an acute or chronic care facility. It is not indicated for home use in the USA.

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